Crystal Copium

How to enter1. At the beginning of the tier (0-8 weeks in) prior logs will be considered.2. All logs from prior tier must be 4/4 or 5/5 Purple if within the 8 week start of the tier.3. After 8 weeks, players must have cleared the tier.4. After 8 weeks, full acceptance at 4/4 or 5/5 purple for even patches and 3/4 or 4/5 orange:purple in odd patches. This is due to inflated ranks as the top players take a break and to keep the standard consistent across the board.5. Must have played with 3 members in the community or be willing to have a trial run with 3 members of the community on a date/time of your choosing to garner vouches if none are given.6. After being invited, our new member will be sent a log review so that they
a) have a point of contact for a mentor if they want to reach out in the future.
b) have an established precedent.
c) can find new ways to improve and get even better colors which will benefit the server in the long run.

Interim Program1) Interim will be at the discretion of the log reviewer. What this means is that the fundamentals of the class as a base are there but need significant improvement. We've seen this happen in cases such as: if tanks don't use personal mits on their party members/co-tanks, chad healers, healers not using mitigation, lack of uptime, lack of ogcds on any class to maintain burst, etc.2) Interim players will be required to make improvements and run with (in person, vods/povs/twitch also acceptable) their mentor at least once before going though a second log review and then be fully accepted within 30 days.

Tl;Dr of the entire process:1) You submit logs to an admin via discord.
2) Log reviewers will then accept/reject/interim
3) Accepted/interimed players then go through vouch (filters for toxic/inconsistent gameplay in pf).
4) Accepted/interimed players gain access to all of the discord and are given their log reviews (also given to anyone rejected).
5) Interimed players have 30 days to make some changes based on their log reviews and then run with/go over povs with their mentors. Note: acceptance is not dependent on colors after the fact, just improved gameplay.
6) Interimed players have one more quick log review after to make sure the changes have been made
7) Full entry for the interimed player if changes have been met within the time frame.

To Join Please Send a Discord Message That Includes Your Logs to:Shivalia Zaldrizes
Mai Ai'daigo
Isweyr Ai'magrilr
Vergil Snow